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A Teenage Viewpoint on Gay Marriage

The movement to legalize gay marriage is growing quite fervently, with nine states now having it legal in addition to the District of Columbia and eleven countries allowing it internationally. Many parts of the world, however, still have homosexual acts illegal and punishable by death, yet some places in the world have approved gay marriage […]

A Teenage Opinion on Gun Rights

In response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and massacre, two debates have sparked regarding gun rights and mental illness across America. The viewpoints range from having logic to none at all, leaving the country mixing bitter and mournful emotion into political agendas. I was raised in a Conservative family; majority of the men […]

Editorial #2: 127 Hours

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, an online journal to voice a teenager’s opinions on practically anything and everything. I’m Alex, and I’m here to talk about the newly released movie, 127 Hours starring James Franco. Picture this: you’re in Utah in a canyon. Your arm gets stuck underneath a large boulder. And you haven’t told […]