Editorial #2: 127 Hours

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, an online journal to voice a teenager’s opinions on practically anything and everything. I’m Alex, and I’m here to talk about the newly released movie, 127 Hours starring James Franco.

Picture this: you’re in Utah in a canyon. Your arm gets stuck underneath a large boulder. And you haven’t told anyone where you went. What exactly would you do?

Well, Aron Ralston has the answer to that. 127 Hours was based on a true story of a legendary canyoneerer (is that a word?) who resorted to desperate measures in order to survive. While canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah, Aron Ralston fell and became trapped underneath a boulder. Before leaving for the canyon, he did not tell anyone of his plans, therefore, no one was looking for him. He had a limited water supply that would last him 127 hours, hence the title. While trapped in the canyon, Ralston (portrayed by James Franco) records videos of himself remembering friends and family that he had known before this incident. Eventually, after countless hours of trying to move the boulder, chip away at it, and even trying to pull his arm free, he decides to cut his arm off, allowing him to free himself in order to climb out of the canyon and walk over eight miles in order to find help and survive.

I had seen the trailer for this several times and it looked pretty good, so I decided to rent it from RedBox, that’s how I usually watch my movies. So I rented it and watched it along with my mom. I didn’t know exactly what to expect from a movie which examined the time of Aron Ralston while he was stuck underneath the boulder and how he reaccounted his life. How exactly could they make a movie of this, with just one person being on screen practically the entire time? How would they keep the audience’s attention? Well, they sure did keep my attention, and they pulled it off quite well actually.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and with James Franco cast as the actor who portrayed Aron Ralston, no one else could have pulled it off. James Franco was perfect in his performance as Ralston. At times, Franco added a bit of comedy, then at other times, he added a bit of seriousness to the movie. It was incredibly well done by him and the story was portrayed very accurately.

I wouldn’t exactly put 127 Hours in my top ten list of movies, but it’s definitely in the top 100. It was a very good movie which kept my attention and while watching, I was itching to know the end. If I had to rate it out of ten stars, I’d gladly give it an eight. It was inspirational to know some of the measures that people go to in order to survive.

Thanks for reading my editorial post #2, and I hope you look forward to reading my editorial post #3, coming soon! I’m Alex, and this is the Modern Typewriter, OUT.

Video Taken From YouTube videos.


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