Ukrainian Sand Animations

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, a daily blog to discuss topics that can’t be answered easily, or are just some fun topics! Today is February 1st, 2010, I’m Royce, and I’m here to talk about the 2009 winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent.

Her name is Kseniya Simonova, and she does sand animations. You’re probably wondering – sand animations? Yes, she tells stories through sand artwork. You don’t believe us? Well watch the video below and prepare to be amazed. The video below is taken from YouTube.

“After I watched the video the first time, I was completely speechless. She has such an amazing talent of sand animation, and she will go very far in life with it.” Says Karina, a writer at the Modern Typewriter.

“My initial reaction was that’s impossible, no one can do that. But I was so wrong, this girl can do it. Her talent is phenomenal.” Says Cody, another writer.

Are you amazed? Do you think this girl has a God-given talent? What do you think? Feel free to post your comment expressing your opinions!

Isn’t she talented? I sure did think so. Until next time, I’m Royce, and this is the Modern Typewriter, OUT!


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