Animal Poaching – Eastern Africa

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, a daily blog to discuss topics that can’t be answered easily, or are just some fun topics! Today is December 9th, 2008, I’m Royce, and I am here to share an essay written on the topic of animal poaching in Eastern Africa.

In our school, the Modern Typewriter team recently had an assignment to write a speech on a complication in Eastern Africa, part of our East Africa studies. We had a choice of our topic from the following list: Animal Poaching, Deforestation, Desertification, Civil War In the Congo, Malaria and Sleeping Sickness, Specialized Economies, Famine in Ethiopia, Child Soldiers, Lawlessness in Somalia (piracy), Poverty/Low Standard of Living, Lack of Education and Inequality, Inability to take advantage of their natural resources.

I particularly chose Animal Poaching for my essay. We had to write it in speech format, which we would present to our class. The following is my essay in speech format. I present to you my speech on Animal Poaching, called ‘There Once Was A Time’.

“This is an international problem, not just a local problem,” said Esmond Bradley Martin, an independent expert in illicit wildlife, on elephant poaching for the trade of ivory. The International Fund for Animal Welfare made an investigation done in eleven different countries that kept an eye out on at least 180 websites for illegal ivory sales. The investigation concluded with 7,000 illegal auctions and advertisements ranging from the live animals to wildlife products. 73% of the illegal sales were found on eBay, so the workers for eBay have been working to try to ban the ivory sales on their site. Since eBay’s decision to ban ivory sales, it has been placing ads on the website, teaching it’s users about the trade of ivory and the price to pay to get the ivory. Do you know the price to pay for the ivory you buy? How would you feel if you actually watched the slaughter of thousands of elephants just so you can have some ivory for things like jewelry and piano keys? Until elephant awareness is spread around the world, and reserves are built, elephant poaching will continues to occur mainly in the country of Kenya, to where ivory is exported to gargantuan traders of ivory like China and the United States of America.
The first solution is to raise awareness. How come that every other complication in the world as big as cancer has people around the world knowing about it, but yet something as simple as elephant poaching does not? eBay recently placed ads on their website, teaching it’s users about the trade of ivory, and its effect on Eastern Africa. The elephants, the rhinos, the hippopotamuses, all of the world’s beautiful animals are being killed for the ivory. National Geographic magazine has published many articles describing the troubles with the poaching of wildlife, mainly the African Elephant, in Eastern Africa. One of their more popular articles is called “Ivory Wars”, placed in Zakouma, Chad, Africa. Along with many other studies throughout the world, many people are slowly, but surely becoming aware of this horrific predicament occurring in Eastern Africa. Not long ago, INTERPOL workers discovered a ton of illegal ivory tusks, several animal furs, and hippo teeth on November 18th, 2008. They found the wildlife products in Nairobi, Kenya, the country’s capital. Poaching elephants for ivory is a very popular way to earn money, since ivory in other countries can be worth up to $800. Like in China, just one kilogram can get you $800. If more and more people around the world learn and understand this conflict, people won’t buy the ivory, and that should send a message to the poachers. Like Blood Diamonds in Western Africa, the Kimberly Process has worked finely, and if we can make something like that, then we can once and for all stop these poachers from making the African Elephant, extinct! This beautiful species deserves a place in the world, just like God had planned. There was a time, when no one even cared about poaching, about the profit. There was once a time when the elephants roamed freely, and peacefully, without chancing any harm, I believe we can restore that time to its former glory.
The second solution I have brought to you today is to build reserves, with guard stations to help protect these magnificent beauties. All around the world, even in the heart of Africa where this conflict takes place, there have been reserves where the elephants are placed to protect them. Only few have failed. National parks around the world are part of the reserves. Only few poachers have been able to tamper with the security to get in and murder these fine creatures. Only few have succeeded. Only few. If we continue to sit around and do nothing, this species will die out and will never be heard from again. Up to thousands have been killed each year, just each year. Even if the ivory trade was banned in the year 1989, these killers still murder the elephants. Nothing will stop these poachers, until we get in there and provide some extra security. Build more guard stations; supply the guards with more weapons to battle out the poachers to win the battle of justice. These guards need to be trained in order to protect these animals. We need to get the guards to know the specifics of the weapons, and know what to do in a state of emergency. There was once a time, when we need not weapons in order to stop the species from dying out. There was once a time when we could just let the elephants roam free, wander free all around the Horn of Africa, to the Central Heart of Africa. There was once a time, when we need not to worry, when we could just feel, just know, that the elephants would be safe, secure, and free from the dangers we fear now. And there will be a time, when we can proceed with life, and know that while we’re going through our lives out of harm’s way, we can be assured that the elephants, nay, the entire animal population of Africa can be under one’s wing, safe.
Without awareness raised and guard stations built, these animals cannot live the rest of their lives without being wanted dead. There is no questoin of the importance to this cause. We cannot sit back while one of God’s very own creatures goes extinct. As said in the Ten Commandments, ‘Thou Shall Not Murder.’ As I read this speech to you, I want you to think, about all of the deceased elephants of the past. I cannot imagine anyone here wanting to kill them. If so, may the spirits of the elephants haunt you for all of eternity.

Well, I hope you liked my essay/speech. Remember, I’m Royce, and this is the Modern Typewriter, OUT!

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  1. I cant beleeve that ppl r still poaching wen they no tht itz agenst the law.

  2. they probably like to break rules feel like a bad ass

  3. tessa gwynn · · Reply

    hae:) nice essay on elephant poaching! very touching………..keep it up!
    probably some people doesn’t have a job so their job would be poaching?;(

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