Political Views From Our Writers…

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, a daily blog to discuss topics that can’t be answered easily, or are just some fun topics! I’m Royce, and I’m here to give you the personal opinions from our writers about the 2008 Presidential Election.

Is Racism Coming Up In The Election?

“Racism is  definitely is coming into the election. Most Blacks are voting for Obama because he is Black, and some Whites are actually voting for John McCain just because they don’t want someone who is Black in office. It is racial discrimination on both parts, both races are to blame.” says Rochester, a writer at the Modern Typewriter.

“Oh, wow, yes, racism is coming into the election! It is right now playing a huge role! I mean, if Obama becomes President, he will be the first Black President. In my opinion, the KKK is too big to let that happen. There are too many racist people in this world to let him become President. In my opinion, we shouldn’t be looking at Obama as becoming President, just make sure his VP is good.” says Melanie, another writer at the Modern Typewriter.

Your Pick For President and The Choice of Sarah Palin:

“I want John McCain personally, he stands for what I believe in, and he has a great character. Just the way he handled when he was a POW during Vietnam was incredible, there are only a few people in this world that would do what he did.” says Cody, a writer at the Modern Typewriter.

“I like both candidates to tell you the truth. I really don’t mind, and I don’t like to discuss politics, or else you will find that people are totally different people  in politics.” says Karina, another writer.

“McCain was smart in choosing Sarah Palin as Vice President. He was incredibly smart. For one thing, the media continues to pick on Governor Palin and as they do that, they don’t realize it, but people continue to want McCain just because he has her. Barack Obama hates this. Sarah Palin is probably the best Vice Presidential Candidate in a long, long time. Senator John McCain was a genius in picking her.” says Rochester, a writer.

Republican, Democrat, or Independent?

“I am die-hard Republican, nothing will change that.” says Cory, a writer at the Modern Typewriter.

“In my opinion, Republicans are born with honor and respect, while Democrats are born with ignorance and idiocy. Therefor, I am Republican.” says Cody, another writer.

Well, there you have it, the political views of our writers. There will be more views soon. Until then, remember, I’m Royce, and this is the Modern Typewriter, OUT!


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