Georgia Declares War on Russia, Then Sudden Cease-Fire

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, a daily blog to discuss topics that can’t be answered easily, or are just  some fun topics! Today is August 10th, 2008, I’m Rochester, and I’m here to  talk about the sudden war between the countries Georgia and Russia.

Taken from BBC News Article:


Georgian forces and separatists in South Ossetia agree to observe a ceasefire and hold Russian-mediated talks to end their long-simmering conflict.

Hours later, Georgian forces launch a surprise attack, sending a large force against the breakaway province and reaching the capital Tskhinvali.

South Ossetian rebel leader Eduard Kokoity accuses Georgia of a “perfidious and base step”.

The head of Georgian forces in South Ossetia says the operation is intended to “restore constitutional order” to the region, while the government says the troops are “neutralising separatist fighters attacking civilians”.

Russia’s special envoy in South Ossetia, Yury Popov, says Georgia’s military operation shows that it cannot be trusted and he calls on Nato to reconsider plans to offer it membership.


Russia pours troops and armour towards South Ossetia and engages Georgian forces in and around Tskhinvali.

Georgia says its military bases have been attacked by Russian aircraft as President Mikhail Saakashvili says his forces control Tskhinvali. The separatists, for their part, say they control the city.

President Saakashvili says 30 Georgians have been killed, while Moscow claims that 21 Russian soldiers have lost their lives.

The Georgian authorities say they expect a Russian attack on the capital, Tbilisi.

Georgia also announces it is withdrawing half of its contingent of 2,000 troops from Iraq, so that they can be sent to South Ossetia.

International aid agencies, meanwhile, express grave concern about the plight of civilians caught up in the conflict.

In Tskhinvali, many people are reportedly sheltering from the fierce fighting in their cellars. The UN refugee agency says thousands of people have fled and many homes have been destroyed. It says water and food are in short supply.

An International Red Cross spokeswoman says ambulances cannot move, hospitals are overflowing, and surgery is taking place in the corridors.

Taken From Different Article:

Georgia has ordered its forces to cease fire, and offered to start talks with Russia over an end to hostilities in South Ossetia, Georgian officials say.

Remember, I’m Rochester, and this is the Modern Typewriter, OUT!


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