And We’re Back!

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, a daily blog to discuss topics that can’t be answered easily, or are just some fun topics! Today is August 3rd, 2008, I’m Royce, and I’m here to make an announcement.

After a long summer break, the Modern Typewriter team is back for business. Some went on vacation, some went to summer camps. Some even started school! Let’s hear from some of the people on the Modern Typewriter team.

“I actually went to Washington D.C. for a week. I saw many monuments. I saw the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the White House, and many other monuments. My favorite part was seeing all of the museums. I especially liked seeing the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I’ve been wanting to go there ever since I started reading about the Holocaust. It was a great experience, I absolutely loved Washington D.C.” Says Melanie, a writer at the Modern Typewriter.

“Many people don’t know that I play soccer. I actually went to a soccer camp to improve my skills better. They indeed improved, I’ll tell you that.” says Rochester, another writer.

Now we are going to go to someone we’ve never talked to before! We always take the writers’ point of view. Let’s talk to Raymond, the executive director of features.

“I started school. That is basically it. I also took some classes on HTML so I can make the Modern Typewriter’s design look better and/or try to make a new design. Many people don’t know me, but I am in control of the links, the pages, posting the posts, the pictures, the videos, and those pictures on the sidebar, I did that too. So I am in control of a lot of things.” says Raymond, the executive director of features.

Well, there you have it! After this summer, you can expect great things! New writers, new pages, new EVERYTHING! We have a lot planned for you!

I’m Royce, and this is the Modern Typewriter, OUT!


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