Siamese Cats

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, a daily blog to discuss topics that can’t be answered easily, or are just some fun topics! Today is February 14th, 2008, I’m Anna, and I am here to talk about Siamese Cats.

The breed originated in Siam, which is now Thailand. That is where the name, Siamese, came from.

All Siamese cats have almond-shaped blue eyes, and a cream-colored body, with colored points on their snouts, ears, paws, lower legs, and tails. All Siamese kittens at birth are pure-white. They eventually grow cream-colored fur later on.

An interesting fact was that most of the early Siamese cats were cross-eyed.

An organization that helps the adoption of Siamese cats in the United States is the Siamese Rescue. They have helped the adoption of over 14,500 cats. With different centers across the USA, this lets you find a cat closer to you.

What do you think about Siamese Cats? Do you have one? Leave a comment to express your opinion!

Remember, I’m Anna, and this is the Modern Typewriter, OUT!

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