We Now Have Desktop Wallpapers!

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, a daily blog to discuss topics that can’t be answered easily, or are just some fun topics! Today is February 2nd, 2008, I’m Rochester, and on behalf of the Modern Typewriter team, I am here to make an announcement!

For those who are fans of the Modern Typewriter, we now have desktop wallpapers! We created them ourselves, and we hope you like them!

Originally, one of our writers, Royce, came up with the idea.

“Royce usually comes up with most of the good ideas. And most of the time, usually, we use the ideas! So it is awesome to have Royce on the Modern Typewriter team!” says Melanie, a writer at the Modern Typewriter.

“I think that the wallpapers will be cool to have. I visit the Modern Typewriter often and I am a big fan!” says a Modern Typewriter viewer. “The coolest part is that they are made by kids just like me and you! I would never think that kids could make stuff online, but I am proven wrong!”

From time to time, we will add a few more desktop wallpapers as we create them.

Remember, I’m Rochester, and this is the Modern Typewriter, OUT!


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