The Ship of Dreams

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, a daily blog to discuss topics that can’t be answered easily, or are just some fun topics! Today is December 8th, 2007, I’m Royce, and I am here to tell you about the legendary ship, the Titanic.

Built from March 1st, 1909, to March 31st, 1911, the ship, Titanic was the second of three new luxury ships. The ships were to be made for White Star Line, a shipping company that had a tradition that every ship be named with a “-ic” at the end. (Titanic, Olympic, Britannic) There were two companies that ‘competed’ for the rich and wealthy passengers. The companies were Whiter Star Line, and Cunard Line. Both were rivals and ended up joining together in one company, later known as Cunard Line.

Anyway, the Titanic was finished with building and it moved onto the supplies and the interior. The Titanic was moved to a dry dock after the construction. This means it was moved to a dock with walls around it, and the water was drained out. The workers set to work.

They painted, built, and decorated the inside to look elaborate. Originally, the Titanic was to sail in March of 1912, but the Olympic, her sister ship, collided with a warship and the building on Titanic was set aside. The repaired the Olympic and went back to finishing the Titanic. The new date for sailing was now April 10th, 1912, to April 17th, 1912.

The pathway that the Titanic would sail through was first stop at Southampton, England, then stop at Cherbourg, France, and finally stop at Queenstown, Ireland, which is now Cobh. Then is was to travel to New York.

Soon the Titanic was on her way to New York on April 1oth, and then the date of April 14th came. The ship had gotten many ice warnings from other ships in the area, but the Titanic completely ignored them. At 11:40pm, the lookouts saw a dark figure in front of the ship and rang the emergency bell three times, the signal for ice.

The Titanic would have been fine if she hit the ice straight on, but she turned left, and the ice scraped the right side, and soon water started gushing in. And even sooner, the captain ordered for the lifeboats to be ready.

With only 20 lifeboats, the Titanic could only save half of the passengers. About three-fourths actually died.

At 2:20am, with all boats gone, passengers were desperate. They jumped off the ship into the water, as the ship was slowly going under the ocean sucking people under with it.

After the sinking the Carpathia, a Cunard Line ship came to the rescue of people. The lifeboats were unloading except one. That one lifeboat went back to look for survivors in the water. They found six people who were alive, but only two survived. The other four died when they got into the boat.

After the disaster, many people say the ship broke in two and other people say it sank as one. That argument was settled in 1986 when Dr. Robert Ballard found the Titanic. It indeed broke in two.

“Even though the Titanic sank, the legend will live forever.” says a listener.

Remember, I’m Royce, and this is the Modern Typewriter, OUT!

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  1. You do know that this is the RMS olympic not the titanic don’t you?

  2. moderntypewriter · · Reply

    Yes, we could not find a suitable picture that showed the bow of the Titanic, and since the Olympic and Titanic were almost exactly the same, we decided to use this picture. We apologize for not saying we used the Olympic’s picture instead of the Titanic’s.

  3. Elisabeth · · Reply

    okay, you did get a few things wrong in this.
    firstly, the titanic didnt completely ignore the iceberg warnings. get your facts straight. and there were not 20 lifeboats. there were 16 life boats. and thats no excuse, the fact is that you used a photo of another ship for this article about titanic. who cares if the ships are similiar? thats a completely different ship, it isnt the titanic. and even if the titanic did hit the iceberg straight on, it still wouldnt have been fine, you dont know that okay, you cant just say “the titanic would have been fine if she hit the ice berg straight on” no. that is not the case. it could have been better or worse, but either way, it was bad. okay. and the titanic didnt save half the passengers. most of the passengers died. only about 700 survived. i have studied titanic for years. and i know alot about it.

  4. Elisabeth · · Reply

    ps – my great grandmother was a titanic passenger in first class. she survived, so i know alot about titanic.

  5. moderntypewriter · · Reply

    Technically, Elisabeth, there were indeed twenty lifeboats, including the collapsible lifeboats.

    Secondly, the comment above yours admits to the fact that we did not find a suitable picture of the Titanic so we used one of the Olympic. We apologize yet again for the mistake.

    Thirdly, scientists have proven using various experiments that if the Titanic collided head-on, that the ship wouldn’t have sank, it would have just gotten some damage that could’ve been repaired on the water.

    And yes, we did IN FACT say that the Titanic could have saved half, but didn’t because most of the passengers didn’t make it to the lifeboats in time. We did not state in our post that half was saved.

    It is really incredible that your great grandmother was on the Titanic. We love to hear stories regarding any time in history. One of our writers here is related to The Unsinkable Molly Brown, so we understand how you value your family history.


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