The Hitler Youth

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, a daily blog to discuss topics that can’t be answered easily, or are just some fun topics! Today is December 3rd, 2007, I’m Melanie, and I am here to tell you about the Hitler Youth.

The Hitler Youth was an basically an organization of the Nazi party for kids. In German it was known as the Hitlerjujend. It was like a modern-day version of Boy and Girl Scouts. They participated in many activities, such as camping, arts and crafts, and one unusual one: learning military lessons. The Hitler Youth for boys were taught how to be a Nazi. The Hitler Youth for girls were taught household lessons. All Hitler Youth were taught to hate the Jewish. To even be in the Hitler Youth, you couldn’t have been Jewish. And you had to be healthy. You started at the age of ten years. And you ended at the age of sixteen, when you became a Nazi. (unless you were a girl)

Soon, the Hitler Youth were being  used in World War II. They worked in bunkers and assisted in recovery efforts after bombings. But soon, they started using the Hitler Youth as a military reserve. This continued and time had past and then the Hitler Youth was discontinued.

Hitler was a man who adored power, wanted more of it, and would do anything for it. And it shows. But remember, I’m Melanie, and this is the Modern Typewriter, OUT!

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  1. thanks for your blog
    really helped with my coursework xx

  2. moderntypewriter · · Reply

    You are quite welcome. We are happy to help anyone in need of anything.

  3. Hey thanks for the blog, great help with holocost homework =)

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