Dr. Death, is He Alive and Well?

Welcome to the Modern Typewriter, a daily blog to discuss topics that can’t be answered easily or are just fun topics! Today is November 30th, 2007, I’m Royce, and I am here to discuss the topic of Mr. Aribert Heim’s search.

After the Holocaust, and World War II, most Nazi officers assisting Adolf Hitler fled Europe and went to South America. They chose that particular place because the government was poorly operated, therefor most likely the Americans could not find them. Currently, there is a search for Aribert Heim that the reward is about half-a-million dollars. If alive, he would be 93 years old. So why would they offer such a great reward for such an old man?

Well, this man assisted Adolf Hitler in eliminating the Jewish. He was nicknamed “Dr. Death” for his awful ways of torture. He enjoyed in experimenting on the Jews to see how much pain they could take before dieing. He was the head of one of Hitler’s Concentration Camps. And he had killed hundreds of Jews during this time period.

Some of his favorite methods of killing were injecting gasoline into the victim’s heart, timing how long it would take for them to die. He also had killed a victim and used their skull as a paperweight on his desk.

Efraim Zuroff is head of the search for him and had said “The approach of money will work, for South America is very poor.”

Zuroff is also Jewish, and German. He said he wants Heim put to death. Do you think it is worth spending half-a-million dollars reward for those who find him? He would be a 93 year old man!

His daughter, currently living in Chile, where some former Nazis maybe have escaped to. “Surely she would prefer him not be the subject of a headhunt by all sorts of people who want money.” says Zuroff.

The search is in South America. The countries participating in the search are Chile, Brazil, and Uraguay. Keep an eye out, but for now, I’m Royce, and this is the Modern Typewriter, OUT!

Picture Retrieved From: http://tinyurl.com/23onq7



  1. sleeping beauty · · Reply

    hey guys, im from the blurb and we were also stuying this current event. i thikn it is really cool that we both werre reading this article. our class had a veryn long dissusion and we asked well, if hes 93 years old then should we really care about this guy? some of our responses were well, if he is 93 years old then we really shouldnt care becasue he would die soon. another piont of veiw was well since the government is soo por there “Dr. Death” could offer them 2 be more powerful if they killed for example people from like france or something and another huge debat could come up. its always fun to think about both sides of the story!

  2. hey i’m a random internet surfer and i checked your page out from my friend’s spotlight on you. i also studied the event in classes and i certainly think he should be searched for. Is it really wasting time? Isn’t it about time that some oneis able to get him back for all the wrong he’s done? but then again, when they catch him, the past shouldn’t matter. The past shouldn’t be as significant as the present and future while they search for him, because the past can’t be undone. No matter what.

  3. Too offer ½ million dollars for Dr Heim after he death is diabolical. How many people do you know that are alive pass 90? Next they want to collect money to find his ghost.

  4. The best time has gone to get such warcriminals against humanity..
    If bountyhunters systematicly got to work after the 2nd worldwar,you might could have caught him…
    Most indications of where they have fled was also know at the time..The search for these kind of men has faded away when time past..

    Mostlikely he has fled to North America and bought a new life and identity.working as a surgeon doctor in a place where he doesn’t look like a immigrant..

    hope people can identify this doctor….if reading this article…

    Good luck…

    Michael ( Netherlands)

  5. whatchamacallit · · Reply

    What in the world was this guys problem? What he would do was crude times 1,000! What I really hate about this guy is that he would do random surgery without anestetic, inject water or any other liquid to the heart, or just plain take out body parts, like the lungs. What he did once was that he took the skull out of some one’s head and put it on his desk as a paper weight!

    What I’m glad though is that he is dead, isn’t he?

  6. Georgey Boy · · Reply

    Tracking down these monsters and bringing them to justice now? What purpose does this serve? Revenge? Justice? These horrific crimes were committed decades ago in an era of bloodshed that I cannot even begin to comprehend living in the 21st century as a young person. Put it into perspective of the modern day. Haven’t we had enough of this? I feel that it is unnecessary to go through these gory details over and over. Can’t we just accept the past, no matter how horrific and come to terms with the future? One thing this case will do is re-ignite hate towards Germans and makes us go over again the terrible details of the holocaust. I feel that it is important that we understand and learn from the terrible tragedy, but why let the bloodshed continue? If the man is still alive which seems unlikely, if he is caught he won’t be put to death before he dies of old age. These trails take an age to process. Why spend that much money on bad memories?

  7. Travis · · Reply

    The guy is old and the whole reason you guys want to find him is to put him to death….and make him suffer….will that make you feel better about yourselves? Especially if you have a jewish background….you are supposed to forgive…it’s not your right to judge for what they did let God do the justice…I have GERMAN heritage and I am PROUD of it….For all I care…..I hope Heim lives out the rest of his years and if you look at what he did…yall don’t mention the medical discoveries he made too doing his tests on people which helped with todays discoveries….so if you want him for revenge…. then I hope God does justice to yall too

  8. moderntypewriter · · Reply

    We understand that he made important medical discoveries for us and helped us in many ways, but how did he get us there? He tortured so many people, to where if they survived his horrific experiments, some even had to put themselves out of misery and just kill themselves.

    I am of French descent and I for one, look upon this man as an evil Nazi. But in the eyes of German people, he might be looked upon as a hero. I cannot believe the terror he caused, and for the fact that Hitler invaded France, my homeland, I cannot say he is looked as a hero. I must say in my view, he is looked on as an infamous person that should be taken into custody of federal forces and for the many people that he made suffer, I do hope they bring him to justice and kill him.

    And by the way, are you Jewish? And if you aren’t, how would you know if you wanted to forgive the people that killed people of your religion for thinking them of inferior? How would you feel if tomorrow people showed up on your doorstep and took you away to some ghetto and people died of starvation everyday? Would you forgive those people right after you were released? That would leave an emotional scar, a scar that would stay forever, if it were me…


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